About Us

RE-VOICE provides a technology solution to a specific issue: Bridging the gap in communication between hand speak enabled individuals, and those who are limited to speech-only.

Statistics indicate an average of 70,000,000 people in the world communicate by sign language only. They do not partake of a sound-saturated society. Beyond mere speech, there are several other aspects of the average hearing enabled life which are typically denied to those with hearing impairments.

RE-VOICE goes beyond simply enabling two people to communicate. It focuses on bringing true life enrichment to the nonspeaking. It introduces resources that add creativity, and invite inspiration. In addition, RE-VOICE is positioned to become a constant part of a person’s life, developing lifestyle interests, opening employment opportunities, and inventing new portals in mainstream media.

Through RE-VOICE, people will redefine their interests, unlock untapped potential, and expand their knowledge of world culture. RE-VOICE, is truly a ‘global community’ friendly solution.