Re-Imagining Industries I

Today’s job market is difficult for most people seeking employment. No industry is immune from the effects of economic flux. Availability is up one moth and down the next. Gains at the beginning of the year vanish at the year’s end. It’s a competitive dog-eat-dog market. Job seekers are hard pressed by industries who have the luxury of picking from a growing pool of candidates’ skills, education and experience – these are in demand even for positions below a candidate’s skill level. And still the unemployed compete hungrily for a placement that’s beneath their capability.

For job-seekers who lack some specific skill, some basic utility, they are sure to be skipped. For them no potential is considered when compared to the vast pool of capably enabled with no evidence of disability. In a world built around communication what chance does the voice and hearing impaired have against the “standard” of hearing, speaking sound-enabled?

How many sales positions will not include a dynamic and enthusiastic personality, a real ‘go-getter,’ because they depend on sign-language to communicate? How about a waitress or bartender that has no idea how to communicate today’s special without hand-speak? Face it, the truth is obvious. Jobs are vital for establishing our independence, our dreams. Good jobs are what we all shoot for. How many of us can say our career dream is to be the best busboy, dishwasher or maid’s assistance we can be? What kind of career is minimum wage? Yet this is a reality for many speech and hearing impaired people. Communication, real-time, in the moment, familiar, comfortable, casual, common-communication is at the core of our lives and our ability to be independent.

What if the table was turned? What if you, Mister John Q. Citizen; or you, Ms. Jane Doe, woke up this morning and discovered ‘you’ were the one unable to communicate to your wife, husband, children, boss, or your parents. Not without a pad of paper and a pencil. Not without typing on a tablet to produce some computerized canned-voice speaking in hacked and sterile processed words that are more comical than effective. What if that was you? Who are you in that moment? How do you do what you need to do in any given situation when it requires communicating to someone who doesn’t understand you? You are no longer a part of a sound-saturated population. You are an outsider. You rely on a translator to fill the void between you and the world around you. Someone who speaks to speak for you. Why? Because you cannot. It’s as simple as that.

Because you cannot.

Project Re-Voice eliminates this whole issue. It provides independence, fluidity, real-time relationships, and communication with emotion and real voice. It enables and empowers communication across barriers and across nationalities. There are no language limitations with Re-Voice. Each voice is unique to the individual, not some comical computerized audio. Project Re-Voice provides more than just a voice-it provides opportunity without limits.

Be empowered. Be free. Be heard.

Project Re-Voice

Phoenix -CEO