Re-Imagining Industries II

Sensidy’s project Re-Voice is redefining careers for millions of hearing impaired people. In part one of Re-Imaging Industries we read about challenges and obstacles that often lead to overlooking or dismissing voiceless and hearing impaired, people often described as “handicapped.” We also discovered how Sensidy aims to not only eliminate communication barriers; it also flips the script on who is the real “disabled” person.

Look at it this way, growing and living deaf is not just a challenge, for most of us we can’t truly imagine it. Sure we think it’s no big deal not hearing – until we have to do it. And even then, having heard – losing your hearing is not the same as never heard at all. In the former case you at least have a frame of reference. You can add the memory of sound to events and share at least an idea of the modal experience of hearing through recollection. So there are degrees of dealing with, or coping with the absence of sound.

It’s that coping with sound, the working around the situation and developing ways to accomplish tasks and interface with others, overcoming “their” ability to hear and inability to relate to the absence of it. It’s the ability to push forward and carry on irregardless of the obstacles the circumstance invents. It’s the personality that adjust, embracing the day with fearless persistence, knowing what has to be done and able to do it. It’s the capability to smile, to be friendly and accepting because their life has been constructed in such a way that they aren’t derailed by the struggle to communicate, or the inability of others to understand them. These ‘handicapped’ deaf individuals are true survivors. They are persistent, enthusiastic, willing to look past our tendency to misunderstand them, to dismiss them, to ignore them. You think you can break them? Think again.

They learn everyday of their lives. They read everything, everyone and everywhere. They know “dismissed” when they see it.  They know when they are being sidelined. They know. And they bounce back. They use that rejection to catapult themselves forward over and over again. They are the epitome of “water-on-a-duck’s-back.”

In the right situation a person like this would be invaluable as an employee. The goal-oriented salesperson who knows how to read the signs and close the deal. The customer liaison who knows how to relate to and sympathize with a frustrated consumer. A smiling hostess and a friendly bartender whose good mood and uplifting personality is based on certitude of life experience marked by numerous personal accomplishments. An entrepreneur with ideas, dreams, ambitions and the discipline of persistence and a confidence engineered from knocking down road blocks.

Sensidy believes in putting your money where your mouth is. Sponsor a   Sensidian today, watch how it changes tomorrow.

Be empowered. Be free. Be heard.

Project Re-Voice

Phoenix -CEO