Re-Imagining Industries III

The first two installments of “Re-Imagining Industries” we shared with readers the conditions of living impaired, looking at the result of growing up dealing with the challenges brought about from being hearing impaired.  In part II we considered how such an individual might excel if given the tools to communicate with.

Project Re-Voice delivers the tools to redefine circumstances, giving individuals the ability to communicate, person to person, and person to groups, and more.  That is one part of Re-Voice.  Add in the everyday functions we take for granted – talking on the phone.  Re-Voice enables communication with a real-time vibrant and personal voice unique to the individual.  And because it’s real-time interaction, the user is able to engage in deep, meaningful conversation, discussions, and debates means more than you can imagine.

Put on the shoes of a lawyer in the process of arguing a case; a phone support tech helping solve a computer problem; a business owner instructing an employee in some task; a travel agent, a doctor, a police officer – each of them once “handicapped.”  Now, with Re-Voice, they are handicapable.

Communication, however, is about more than talking. Sometimes it’s about enjoying music or dancing.  Sensidians have a unique resource in Re-Voice; the ability to experience music.  The ability to feel the drive of a beat, experience the flight of harmony, the thrill of notes, and the complex sound sculpture of a song.  Sensidians can enjoy music as an experience that captures the senses.  What’s more, they can participate.  They can share the experience with other Sensidians.  Once they have familiarized themselves with Re-Voice they’ll discover their own voice, their own song and the ability to create their own music, music that embraces their senses and expresses their passion and creativity in a way totally unique to Sensidians.  And they will be able to share it.

Re-Voice will empower the strength, the passion and the creativity unique to Sensidians.  And these liberated individuals will become a force to be reckoned with.  Those individuals do more than redefine existing industries; they will invent new expressions, new pathways, and new frontiers.  They will be uncaged and unhindered.  No longer held to the label “handicapped.”  They will be right beside “normal” people.  They will be lawyers, doctors, musicians, actors, dancers, athletes and professionals.

Project Re-Voice will provide the leverage for the voiceless and hearing impaired to claim a new destiny, one not labeled by “deaf” or “disabled” or “handicapped.”  No more labels but one – “exceptionally enabled.”

Invest in a real living, breathing future.  Be the person who gives the gift of unlocked opportunity.  Make this the next great thing you do.  Sponsor and empower a  new Sensidian today!

Be empowered. Be free. Be heard.

Project Re-Voice

Phoenix -CEO